iSecus China is a professional and experienced supplier of Biometric Verification Access Control System. We offer multiple identification devices, such as Palm, Face, Fingerprint, RFID, with configuration from entry-level to advanced level. Whether you want LAN or WLAN management, we can offer you suitable solutions. Good distribution prices from iSecus.

Low-cost Standalone Models: X7, X9 , RT370, RT380

Economic Network Models: F22, F18, SF300, SF400

High Level Network Models: MiniAC Plus, SpeedFace V5L with face-mask identification

Door Controller: C3 Series, Inbio Series (1 door, 2 doors, 4 doors)

UHF Access Control: U1000, U2000

Available Softwares: ZKAccess3.5 (Free), ZKBioAccess, ZKBioSecurity

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