1605, 2023

The Important Functions of NLJD Equipment

NLJD stands for Non-Linear Junction Detector, a equipment that can detect hidden electronic devices by radiating them with high-frequency RF energy and receiving the harmonic signals they produce. There are 2 types of frequecy applied in NLJD equipment, 2.4G and 900Mhz. 2.4G is the main frequecy that most NLJD [...]

1202, 2023

Evaluation of UTi384G Thermal Imager

-An advanced camera with touch screen & adjustable focus, a high-end smart thermal camera! When talking about infrared thermal imagers, many people may feel unfamiliar. But many of us have seen the similar infrared thermal imaging pictures on TV. Generally, thermal imagers can be used in both military and [...]

507, 2022

Smart bluetooth Key Lockbox, works with Tuya and TTLock

"New Product" KL300 is a newly released bluetooth fingerprint key lockbox, compatible with Tuya Smart and TTLock. It supports multiple unlocking ways, including fingerprint, password, card, cellphone app remotely and voice control. It is made of high strength zinc alloy and solid steel, which makes this lockbox much durable [...]

2108, 2021

How to use QR500 QR Reader in ZKTeco Access Control System?

Introduction QR500 from ZKTeco is a new generation of intelligent reader with verification of QR code and 13.56MHz Mifare cards and cellphone NFC as well.  It has fast scanning speed, high recognition rate, High compatibility, and can be connected to any access controller that supports Wiegand input. It also support the [...]

2703, 2021

Thermal Imaging Cameras Used in Industrial Applications

 With the development of thermal imaging technology and reducing cost, more affordable, pocket-sized & handheld, and easy-to-use have been used in the industrial areas. Therough this post, you will see how iSecus Thermal Imaging cameras help you to see invisible problems instantly and efficiently. Whether it's an electrical short, [...]

2010, 2020

UTi260B Handheld Thermal Imager Camera for Industrial Use

UTi260B is a newly released handheld thermal imaging camera for industrial use to measure temperature from -15℃ to 550℃. It supports IR resolution 256*192, thermal image, visible light and fusion image display. It reaches IP65 waterproof test and meet 2M drop standard. UTi260B can be used widely in many [...]

2903, 2020

Thermal Imaging Thermometer UTI165K to Prevent Coranavirus Spreading

Hi friend, good day. As the coronavirus is spreading widely in many areas, hope you and your family are safe. Today, we would like to introduce you a new product thermal imaging thermometer uti165k . It measures the temperature of humanbody contacteless. Among a distance from 15cm to 100cm, the device [...]

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