iSecus China offer Technology Surveillance Counter Measurement (TSCM) Equipments with Top-quality & High Performance. Our products include Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD), Electronic Audio Detector. With factory base, OEM order is acceptable.

TSCM Application is wide:

NLJD: can be widely used in government, public security, prison, justice, army, education examination, business security and personal privacy protection, etc.

Electronic Audio Detector: can be widely used in security inspection places like security, public safety, anti-terrorism, explosion-proof, military,airport, station, port, etc.

Non-linear Junction Detectors Collection from entry level to advanced level:

* Portable Compact Model: DT-820 (If budget is limited, choose this one)  

* Upgraded Model with extendable Pole: DT-820Plus   

* High-level Model: DT-810   

* Top-level Model: DT-830 (If need thermal imaging function, choose this one)