• D210-WiFi Door Sensor and Window Sensor
  • D210-WiFi Door Sensor and Window Sensor
  • D210-WiFi Door Sensor and Window Sensor

Model: D210

WiFi Door Sensor and Window Sensor

General Functions:

Door and Window open/Close reports

Low Battery Reports

App Push Notification

◆Tamper Alarm


Power SupplyDC 3V (LR03 AA Battery * 2)
Standby Current< 2 uA
Alarm Current<100m A
WiFi Frequency2.4GHz (IEEE802.11b/g/n)
WiFi ConnectionEasy or AP Mode
Low Battert Alarm2.4V
Working Temperature0-55 degree
Installation Gap Allowed25mm (Max.)
App SuggestedTuya Smart (Android & iOS)
Compatible PlatformGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, etc
Standard FunctionRemote Monitoring, Power Display, Tamper Alerm, Intelligent Linkage
Size43*19*65mm (L*W*H)


This smart Wi-Fi door and window sensor monitors the state of itself. When door & window is opened or closed, its battery is in low voltage or the case is removed from the base, alarm notification will be sent to your phone. You can view the state of the sensor remotely on your APP. It can also realize intelligent linkage with other smart devices, like power socket, light switch, etc.

General Features:

Can work with Tuya, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT

Realize linkage function with other smart home items

Tamper alarm and low battery alarm through App

Remote monitoring door/window status and push notification

D210-WiFi Door Sensor and Window Sensor