Project Description

  • Wiress Siren for Home Security SN100-P1
  • Wiress Siren for Home Security SN100-P2
  • Wiress Siren for Home Security SN100-P3
  • Wiress Siren for Home Security SN100-P4

Model: SN100

Wireless Siren Alarm for Home Security

General Configuration:
Power: AC 110-240V
Backup battery: AAA 7.4V
RF Frequency: Default 433MHZ, 315/868MHZ optional
Emission distance ≥80m (open area)
Compatible transmission code: EV1527/PTPT2262
Alarm Volumn: 110DB

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◆ Small size with unique design
◆ Alarm with high decibel and strobe
◆ Up to 50 wireless detectors and remote control can be paired
◆ Built-in lithium battery, standby for more than 8 hours
◆ Wide voltage design (AC 100~240V)

2 working modes could be supported:

  • Working as a wireless siren
    Please connect it to a wireless host first When the siren works as an alarm siren. And when the alarm is triggered, the siren will sound in high decibel with strobe.

  • Working as a standalone alarm host
    When the siren is connected with wireless detectors, it can works as a standalone alarm security system. When the siren is armed and an alarm is triggered, it will sound and flash.

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SN100 Wireless Strobe Siren User Guide

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