Project Description

  • G300-WiFi and 4GSM Smart Alarm System
  • G300-WiFi and 4GSM Smart Alarm System
  • G300-WiFi and 4GSM Smart Alarm System

Model: IS-G300

WiFi and 3G/4G GSM Smart Alarm System

Packing List

Alarm Hub: 1pc
Remote Controller: 2pcs
Door/Window Sensor: 2pcs
PIR Sensor: 1pc
Siren: 1pc

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iSecus IS-G300 is a full featured wireless smart alarm system kit that supports WiFi, 3G/4G. It can place calls and send texts nofitifation through a Sim card or WiFi.

The alarm hub adopts 2.4TFT touch screen with a user-friendly interface to quickly and easily configure the system. It can support 99 wireless alarm zones, 3 wired alarm zones, 10 RFID tags and 10 remote tags. This allows you to have a wide range of monitoring on your home, office or factory.

By default, Tuya app (Android & iOS) is recommended which can realize linkage function with other Tuya smart home items. Besides, IS-G300 is also compatible with Google Sssistant and Amazon Alexax to realize voice control.


◆ Compatible with Tuya, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
◆Alarm hub adopts 2.4TFT Screen, with embedded SOS
◆Support 4G GSM network(850/900/1800/1900MHz) and WiFi(IEEE802.11b/g/n)
◆ Support Multiple Alarm notifications(APP Push /SMS /Voice)
◆Support phone/SMS/APP remote settings
◆ Up to 99 wireless zones and 3 wired zones
◆ 10 RFID tags and 10 remote tags can be learned
◆Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number
◆Arm schedule and disarm schedule
◆ Pre-record 20s of Alarm Voice Message
◆Multiple languages are available, up to 11 languages
◆System will be blocked for 90s after 5times continous wrong passwords
◆Support external wireless sirens
◆App: tuya (iOS and Android

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4G GSM and WIFI Smart Alarm System
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