• G300-WiFi and 4GSM Smart Alarm System
  • G300-WiFi and 4GSM Smart Alarm System
  • G300-WiFi and 4GSM Smart Alarm System

Model: G300/G300Plus

WiFi and 3G/4G GSM Smart Alarm System, compatible with Tuya Smart, Google Echo and Amazon Alexa

G300 is an advanced WiFi Alarm System Kit which can meet the general requirement of most customers for home and office security. Quality and performance is very stable. It is an ideal kit for distribution and retail. OEM order is welcomed.

General Configuration:

 WiFi and GSM dual network
 App remote control, SMS Control, Voice Control(Alexa, Google)
 99 wireless accessories and 3 wired alarm zone could be connected
 Alarm PUSH notification and low voltage alert
√ Multiple Languages Display

Customer can DIY this alarm system easily. It is convenient to add max. 99 channels of alarm sensors.


iSecus G300/G300Plus is a full featured wireless smart alarm system kit that supports WiFi, 3G/4G. It can place calls and send texts nofitifation through a Sim card or WiFi.

The alarm hub adopts 2.4TFT screen with a user-friendly interface to quickly and easily configure the system. It can support 99 wireless alarm zones, 3 wired alarm zones, 10 RFID tags and 10 remote tags. This allows you to have a wide range of monitoring on your home, office or factory.

By default, Tuya app (Android & iOS) is recommended which can realize linkage function with other Tuya smart home items. Besides, G300 is also compatible with Google Sssistant and Amazon Alexax to realize voice control.


◆ Compatible with Tuya, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
◆Alarm hub adopts 2.4TFT Screen, with embedded SOS
◆Support 4G GSM network(850/900/1800/1900MHz) and WiFi(IEEE802.11b/g/n)
◆ Support Multiple Alarm notifications(APP Push /SMS /Voice)
◆Support phone/SMS/APP remote settings
◆ Up to 99 wireless zones and 3 wired zones
◆ 10 RFID tags and 10 remote tags can be learned
◆Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number
◆Arm schedule and disarm schedule
◆ Pre-record 20s of Alarm Voice Message
◆Multiple languages are available, up to 11 languages
◆System will be blocked for 90s after 5times continous wrong passwords
◆Support external wireless sirens
◆App: tuya (iOS and Android)


KIT Info
Radio Frequency433Mhz
Transmitting Distance <80m (Open Area and No Interference)
Hub (1pc)
Power SupplyMicro USB 110/220VAC to 5V, 1000mA
Battery3.7V, 500mAh
Consumption <[email protected]
Siren Output<500mA
NetworkWiFi (IEEE802.11b/g/n), GSM, 4G(Optional)
Remote Controller (2pcs)
Power SupplyDC 3V (CR2025 Lithium Battery x1)
Standby Current <5uA
Alarm Current<15mA
Transmitting Distance<80m (Open Area and No Interference)
Door/Window Sensor (1pc)
Power SupplyDC 3V (CR2032 Lithium Battery x1)
Standby Current <8uA
Alarm Current<15mA
PIR Motion Sensor (1pc)
Power Supply1.5V AA Battery x3
Standby Current<15uA
Alarm Current<25mA
Detection Scope<12m/110°
RFID Tag (2pcs)
Frequency125KHz ID
Read Distance<2cm
Wired Siren (1pc)

Demo Video About G300 Alarm System

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