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Model: DT-820Plus

Portable Non-linear Junction Detector with Extendable Pole

General Configuration:

 Working Frequency Range: 2.404GHz-2.472GHz
Receiving Harmonic Range: Auto
 Receiving Sensitivity: Less than -140dBm
 Battery: Li Battery, working over 5 Hours
√ Interactive Interface: LCD, Audio, Vibration
√  Extendable Pole: 80cm to 136cm adjustable
Detection Distance: GPS module @ 400-500mm; Mobile Phone @ 180-220mm; SIM Card @ 90-120mm

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DT-820Plus is an upgraded model of DT-820 with over 1m telescopic rod. It is a miniaturized non-linear junction detector at good detection performance. DT-820Plus can detect electronic devices hidden in walls, floors, ceilings, lamps, furniture or containers, whether they are transmitting signals or switching on or off, and alarm them by display, sound and vibration, so that the detectors can find the target equipment for protecting organizations and individuals Private information. The equipment comes with a extendable pole for longer-distance inspection.

NLJD Detectors from iSecus-What can be detected

Technical Principles:

Nonlinear junction detector emits S-band fundamental wave to the target area or object, and the receiver captures the second and third harmonics generated by the target object. Artificial intelligence algorithm is used to analyze the harmonic law, so as to detect and identify the electronic equipment with non-linear junctions.

Application scenarios:

It can be widely used in government, public security, prison, justice, army, education examination, business security and personal privacy protection, etc.

Business Safety: Detecting unauthorized electronic devices, such as eavesdroppers, mobile phones and devices with SIM cards, hidden in company board rooms or secret offices;

Public Safety: Detecting electronic devices hidden or prohibited from use in safe areas, such as detonating devices, remote controllers, etc.

Personal Privacy Protection: Hidden cameras and surveillance devices such as recording pens, cameras, etc. in residential buildings and hotels.

Non-Linear Junction Detector Application Scenerios


  • High positioning accuracy: The product uses 2400MHz radio frequency detection technology with high precision positioning characteristics.

  • High semiconductor recognition ability: the product built-in spectrum analyzer supporting second and third harmonic detection can quickly and effectively identify devices containing semiconductors.

  • High Sensitivity: Especially for SIM card devices with high sensitivity, to ensure that secrets, mobile communications equipment can be quickly detected.

  • Low false alarm rate: built-in nondestructive detection algorithm greatly improves the detection capability, and the false alarm rate is very low.

  • High Safety and reliability: meets the requirements of electromagnetic radiation and absolute safety to human body.

  • Flexible operation: support automatic transmission power and manual mode selection, easy to operate manually

  • User-friendly operation interface: support OLED visual graphical interface, vivid display of power emission level and second and third harmonic graphics, easy to operate.

  • High performance/price rate: with the world most cost-effective, cost-saving and excellent performance.


ParameterTechnical index
Product working frequency band2.4GHz
frequency range2.404 GHz - 2.472 GHz
Receiving 2nd~3rd Harmonic Range4.808 GHz-4.944 GHz,
7.212 GHz-7.416 GHz
Pulse mode transmit power (maximum)0~1W
Receiving sensitivityLess than -125dBm
Receiving dynamic adjustable range50dB
Battery Working Time in Maximum Power Pulse Mode4.5H
Battery typeReplaceable lithium battery
Charging timeFast charging 3H
Interactive interfaceLCD Display Receiving Harmonic Signal Intensity
Audio prompts are supported and headphones can be connected.
Supporting Vibration Tips
Detection distance>6M, C-class product complying with GA1236-2015 standard
Product size370mm(L)*96mm(W)*38.5mm(H) ±5mm
Protection Case Dimension355mm * 295mm *165mm ±10mm
Extendable Pole 80-136cm
Product weight0.6kg
working temperature-20℃ to 55℃
Working humidityLess than 93%, no condensate
Product size365(L)*110(W)*65mm(H)
Outer box size580(L)*300(W)*150 mm(H)
Product weight0.6kg
working temperature-20C ~45 C
Working humidityNo more than 85%, no condensate

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