Hi friend, good day. As the coronavirus is spreading widely in many areas, hope you and your family are safe. 

Today, we would like to introduce you a new product thermal imaging thermometer uti165k . It measures the temperature of humanbody contacteless. Among a distance from 15cm to 100cm, the device can measure temperature fast at a high accuracy. uti165k supports connecting to PC software through USB port and projecting software screen to monitor. Therefore, realtime monitoring and tracking on big screen is realized.

This device is suitable for applications like government, millitary, luxury hotels, schools, metro ect.


*Measurement Range: 30℃ ~45℃
*Accuracy: ±0.5℃ (1m)
*Measurement distance: 0.15~1m (Suggested)
*High/Low Temperature Alarm (Light Flushing, Screen Alert, Sound Alarm from PC software)
*Display Mode:Thermal image, visible image, image blending 

*Point Temperature Measurement
*Realtime monitoring in PC  Software

*PC Software analysis
*Embedded Li battery with big capacity

Go to check the datasheets of uti165k
uti165K Thermal Imaging Thermometer-PC Monitoring
uti165K thermal imaging thermometer with standard tripod mounting port
uti165k thermal imaging thermometer wide application
uti165k thermal imaging thermometer high termperature alarm
uti165k thermal imaging thermometer handheld device
uti165k thermal imaging thermometer Large capacity battery

This is a good business opportunity. If you have interest in this device, please contact us for more info.

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