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  • TLEB101 TLEB102 ZKTeco Nontouch Exit Switch-P1
  • TLEB101 TLEB102 ZKTeco Nontouch Exit Switch-P2
  • TLEB101 TLEB102 ZKTeco Nontouch Exit Switch-P3

Description: Nontouch Exit Switch for Access Control System

Model: TLEB102 (US Size 115x70x29mm)

Model: TLEB101 (EU Size 86x86x29mm)

General Configuration:

Non-touch Infrared Technolgy
SUS404 Stainless Steel Metal Case
Less than 1s Responding Speed
Up to 10cm Long Senstivity Distance
IP55 Ingressive Protection
LED Backlight Indicator

Original High Quality Non-touch Exit Switch. OEM order is welcome.

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ZK TLEB101/TLEB102 is a rugged, touchless exit switch with advanced infrared technology built-in. It’s a perfect choice for sterile environments such as hospitals, food processing plants, clean rooms, restaurants, bathrooms or labs and most effective option for requestto exit (REX) activation in variety of access controlsystems. The touch free exit button design makes it especially comfortable and friendly use for elderly or handicap users.


* Door release buttons
* No touch / Touch free Exit Sensor (Diffused Detection)
* Optical / Infrared Technology
* IP-55 Ingress Protection / SUS 304 Stainless steel Plate
* User friendly (Healthy protection)
* Free from contagious diseases spread
* Detection range: 0.1 ~ 10 cm
* Application: Gate/Door/Exit/Automation control
* High capacity of relay dry contact (3A/AC120V,DC30V)
* Normally open/Normally close/Common relay output
* Twin led indicators for sensor standby or approached
* Sensor Standby: BLUE LED ON
* Visitors whom approached to the sensor in 10 cm : RED LED ON


DimensionsLength 115* width 70* height 38mm (TLEB102)
Length 86* width 86* height 38mm (TLEB101)
Switching voltageDC 9 ~ 16V
Rated Current2A
Output ContactNO/NC/COM
Mechanical Life100,000 tests in 3 months
Operating temp-20℃~+50℃
Suitable Humidity10%-95%
Detection range2-10 cm
LED IndicatorBlue LED: Standby / Red LED: Open
ConstructionSUS304 Stainless Steel
Packing ListMachine*1+White rubber plug*2+KA3.5/30 screw*2

Operation Guide:

ZKTeco K1-1 Non-touch Exit Button High Sensitivity

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