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Model: UTi384G
Handheld Thermal Imager Camera with Video Recording

UTi384G is a latest released new thermal imaging camera at high configuration.

General Configuration
IR resolution 384*288
3.5″ IPS Touch Screen
Temperature Range:-20℃ ~550℃
Video Recording
Thermal Camera and Visible Light Camera
16G Miscro SD Card for pictures Storage
Auto-tracking and Auto-alarm of High/Low Temperature
PC Software monitoring and analysis
WiFi and Bluetooth connection to cellphone
IP54Waterproof and 2M drop test

UTi384G is a professional enhanced thermal cameras that specially designed for industrial use. It supports high IR resolution 384×288 and wide temperature range from -20℃ to 550℃. The focus lens length can be flexibly adjusted according to different objective’s distance to provide high quality image. The 3.5’’ large IPS touch screen gives more efficient and convenient operation experience to users. UTi384G also supports various outstanding functions such as Wi-Fi, voice recording, laser pointer, on screen analyzer, Isotherm,etc. It is a perfect troubleshooting tool for many industrial applications.

The device reaches IP54 protection level and 2 meters drop resistance. It is stable and durable.

Technical Data
IR resolution (Pixels)384×288
Display3.5‘’ Touch (640×480)
Field of view(FOV)42°×30°
Thermal sensitivity(NETD)≤40mK
Spatial resolution(IFOV)1.91mrad
Frame rate≤30Hz
Temperature measurement range -20℃~550℃
Accuracy±2℃ or ±2% whichever is greater
Emissivity0.01~1.00 adjustable (0.95 default)
Color palettes7(White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Ironbow, Rainbow HC, Rainbow, Lava)
Image modesThermal,Visual image,Fusion,PIP
On screen analyzer5 Points/5 Lines/5 Rectangles/5 Circles
Digital camera resolution5MP
Digital zoom2x, 4x
Hi/Lo temperature alarmIcon
Isotherm5 (Auto/Manual/Above/Below/Section)
Software analysisPC+APP
Video recording
Voice recording
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth√/√
Laser pointer
General Characteristics
BatteryDetachable Li-ion battery pack(3.7V 5200mAh)
Battery operation timeAbout 5 hours (with Wi-Fi off)
IP ratingIP54
Drop proof2m
Storage8GB Interna, l32GB External
Image/Video storage formatpic: JPEG ; video: MP4/irgd
LanguagesEN, FR, DE, IT, ES, SV, PL, CZ, RU, PT, AR, JA, KO
Product net weight880g
Product size261mm×104mm×97mm
Packing Details
Standard accessoriesMicro SD card, Type-C USB cable, Wrist strap, English manual, Li-ion battery pack×2, Documents download operation guide card
Standard individual packingToolbox,Gift box
Standard Qty per carton1
Standard carton size400mm×185mm×345mm
Standard carton G.W.4.2kg

Advantages of thermal imager detection:
1. Intuitive, efficient and convenient, making users directly “see” the temperature variation.
2. Thermal condition of different locations for comprehensive analysis, providing more information for judgement.
3. Avoiding judgement errors, reducing labor cost, and discovering poor heat dissipation and hidden trouble points.
4. PC Software for data analysis and report output
Thermal Imaging Cameras can be used widely in many applications.

Application Performance of UTi730E

PCBA inspection, motor inspection, automotive maintenance, solar panel inspection, power distribution cabinet inspection, electricity facilities inspection, mechanical equipment inspection, heating equipment inspection, building&HVAC inspection etc.

Pipe Line Heating Inspection

UTi256G-UTi384G Thermal Camera Application-719x445-5

Pipe Line Heating Inspection

UTi256G-UTi384G Thermal Camera Application-719x445-2

HVAC Heating Inspection

UTi256G-UTi384G Thermal Camera Application-719x445-6

Electric power tower inspection

UTi256G-UTi384G Thermal Camera Application-719x445-1

Power Distribution Inspection

UTi256G-UTi384G Thermal Camera Application-719x445-3

Motor Inspection

UTi256G-UTi384G Thermal Camera Application-719x445-4


UTi730E Thermal Imaging Camera Datasheet
UTi256G/UTi384G User Manual-English
UTi256G/UTi384G User Manual-Spanish
UTi256G/UTi384G User Manual-Italian.pdf
Industrial Thermal Imager Camera Application(1.3MB)
UTi256G/UTi384G PC Software

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