• UTi32-Thermal Imaging Camera High Temperature Measurement Range from -20 to 1000 degree-P1
  • UTi32-Thermal Imaging Camera High Temperature Measurement Range from -20 to 1000 degree-P2

Model: UTi32

Handheld Thermal Imager Camera(-20℃ ~1000℃)/High Temperature Thermal Imager

UTi32 is a new thermal imager for industrial use, reaching 1000 degree temperature.

General Configuration:
IR resolution 30*30
2.4″ TFT Colorful Screen
Temperature Range:-20℃ ~1000℃
Thermal Camera and Visible Light Camera
16GB SD Card Storage
Embedded Battery
Icon, LED Flash Light
PC Software analysis

UTi32 is a high temperature thermal camera that specially designed for higher temperature applications, such as: iron forging, glassware & porcelain production, petrochemical,metallurgy,etc. It can quickly detect the temperature from -20℃ to 1000℃, auto track and give alarm for hot/cold spot.

It is a portable and lightweight thermal imager with 30000pixels digital camera, with three image modes: thermal, visual image,fusion. It also supports PC software analysis, and more than 7 hours battery operation time.

The performance and quality is good. UTi32 is an affordable and reliable tool for high temperature inspection.

* Wide Temperature Measurement Range: -20℃~1000℃
* Digital Camera Resolution: 300000 pixels
* Multiple Image Modes: Thermal Image, Visual Image, Fusion Image
* Ultra-long Battery Life: >7 hours
* Equipped with LED Light to focus on target
* High/Low Temperature Tracking
* High/Low Temperature Alert
* PC Analysis Software


Technical Data
IR resolution (Pixels)32×32
Display2.4″ IPS (480*320)
Field of view(FOV)30°×30°
Thermal sensitivity(NETD)0.15℃
Frame rate≤9Hz
FocusFocus free
Temperature measurement range -20℃ ~ 1000℃
Accuracy±2℃ or ±2% whichever is greater
Emissivity0.01~1.00 adjustable (0.95 default)
Color palettesIronbow, Rainbow, Black hot
Image modesThermal,Visual image,Fusion
Digital camera resolution300000 pixels
Hi/Lo temperature alarmIcon
PC software analysis
General Characteristics
BatteryFixed Li-ion battery (3.7V 5000mAh)
Battery operation time>7 hours
Storage16G Mirco SD card
Image/Video storage formatBMP
Product net weight303.7g
Product size205mmx124mmx65mm

Advantages of thermal imager detection:
1. Intuitive, efficient and convenient, making users directly “see” the temperature variation.
2. Thermal condition of different locations for comprehensive analysis, providing more information for judgement.
3. Avoiding judgement errors, reducing labor cost, and discovering poor heat dissipation and hidden trouble points.
4. PC Software for data analysis and report output

Typical Applications on UTi32:
Electricity Facilities Inspection, Mechanical Equipment Inspection, Heating Equipment Inspection, Building & HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Inspection, Iron Forging, Glassware & Porcelain Production, Petrochemical, mMetallurgy, etc.

UTi32 High Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera Application

On manufacturing industry like Iron forging, Glassware & Porcelain production, workers need to put raw materials into special containers for burning until they can be stretched & bent. Containers must be kept a specific temperature during heating process. With the help of UTi32, machine’s temperature can be monitored in real time, and thermal defects can be found in time. In that way, it can effectively reduce fraction defective.

UTi32 High Temperature Thermal Imaging Camera Application 2

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UTi32 Thermal Imaging Camera Datasheet

UTi32 Industrial Thermal Imager Camera User Manual.pdf(7.2MB)

UTi32B Thermal Imaging Camera PC Software (43.8MB)

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