Project Description

Model: UTI260B

Industrial Thermal Imager Camera(15℃ ~550℃) with realtime monitoring function

UTi260B is a newly released handheld thermal imaging camera for industrial use to measure temperature from -15℃ to 550℃.

It supports the following configuration:
* IR resolution 256*192
* Temperature Range:-15℃ ~550℃ (5℉~1022℉)
* Thermal Camera and Visible Light Camera
* SD Card Storage
* Embedded Battery
* Flush and sound alarm
* PC Software monitoring and analysis
* IP65 Waterproof and 2M drop test

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UTi260B is an infrared thermal imager that supports surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal images, which is clearly displayed on the device screen. With infrared and visible light lenses, the temperature measurement range reaches -15℃~ 550℃/(5℉~1022℉) to meet more measurement requirements. Its thermal imaging pixels 256 x 192 (49152) are easier to find abnormal temperature points built-in equipments.

The high-brightness illuminator adopts a new generation of sensor modules to ensure excellent infrared resolution and rich color palette modes, which can meet the requirements of multiple imaging shooting modes. The device can take pictures and store them into SD card. PC software is available for image analysis and processing to generate reports. Besides, the PC software real-time screen could be projected to monitor.

The device reaches IP65 protection level and 2 meters drop resistance. It is stable and durable.


* Measurement Range: -15˚C~550˚C (5℉~1022℉)
* Accuracy: ±2℃
* Temperature Alarm: High/Low Temperature
* Image Mode: Thermal Image, Visible Light Image, Blending Image
* PC Software Realtime Monitoring and tracking from PC
* Taking photo and save to SD card
* Tripod mounting hole(1/4 inch)


SensorUncooled focal plane
Temperature range -15˚C~550˚C (5℉~1011℉)
Temperature Resolution0.1˚C
Accuracy±2˚C or ±2%
Temperature measurement response time≤500ms (95% of reading)
Pixel of thermal imagery49152 (256*192)
Pixel dimemsions12μm
Palettes Style Choices7
Bandwidth of infraed spectroscopy8~14μm
Field of view (FOV)56°(H) × 42°(V)
Instantaneous field of view (IFOV)3.8mrad
Thermal imaging sensitivity<60mk
Frame rate<29Hz
Temperature displayCenter temperature measurement and high temperature tracking (default)
Image formatBMP
Image modesThermal Camera, Fusion, Visible Camera, PIP
Buzzer AlarmN/A
Temperature measuring point3 extral measuring points aside from Besides central point
PC Software Realtime monitoring
Display resolution320×240
PC analysis software (PC)
Data communicationType-C USB
Auto power offSelectable (5min, 10min, 30min), 30min auto power off (default)
Service time≧6 hours
Charging time4 hours
Image storageMicro SD card
PowerA single Li-ion 3.7V/5000mAh 26650 battery
Display2.8" TFT LCD
Product colorRed & grey
Product size236mm x 75.5mm x 86mm
Standard accessoriesManual, Type-C USB cable, 16GB TF card
Standard carton gross weight2.2kg

Advantages of thermal imager detection:
1. Intuitive, efficient and convenient, making users directly “see” the temperature variation.
2. Thermal condition of different locations for comprehensive analysis, providing more information for judgement.
3. Avoiding judgement errors, reducing labor cost, and discovering poor heat dissipation and hidden trouble points.
4. PC Software for data analysis and report output

UTI Thermal Imager Cameras Applications Pic

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