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  • Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera with WiFi UTi320E-P1-iSecus
  • Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera with WiFi-UTi320E-P2-iSecus
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Model: UTI320E
Handheld Thermal Imager Camera with WiFi and PC Software monitoring function

UTi320E is an anvanced handheld thermal imaging camera for industrial use, measuring temperature from -20℃ to 550℃. It is at high performance/price rate.

IR resolution 320*240
3.5″ large IPS Screen
Temperature Range:-40℃ ~400℃
Thermal Camera and Visible Light Camera
16G Miscro SD Card for pictures Storage
Auto-tracking and Auto-alarm of High/Low Temperature
PC Software monitoring and analysis
WiFi connection to cellphone
IP54Waterproof and 2M drop test

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UTi320E is an advanced professional handheld Thermal Imaging Camera for diagnosing electrical, mechanical, HAVC and building problems etc. It features powerful functions with user-friendly operation interface. The camera supports high IR resolution of 320 x 240 which helps to find abnormal temperature points easily. Its measuring temperature is expanded from -40°C to 400°C, suitable for a wide range of applications.

One of the outstanding feature is the embedded Wi-Fi, which allows users to quickly connect the camera. Then share images and send reports easily from any location. Besides, PC software is available for image analysis, generating reports and giving external alarm alert. Meanwhile, the PC software real-time screen could be projected to monitor.

The device reaches IP54 protection level and 2 meters drop resistance. It is stable and durable.

General Characteristics
IR resolution256x192 pixel320x240 pixel
Screen Display3.5”IPS
Field of view (FOV)56°x 42°
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)50mK65mK
Spatial resolution (IFOV)3.8mrad3mrad
FocusFocus free
Frame rate30Hz9Hz
Object Temperature range -20~550℃ -40~400℃
Measurement accuracy±2℃ or ±2% whichever is greater
BatteryLi-ion battery pack(5200mAh)
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery operating time≧3.5 hours≧4 hours
EmissivityAdjustable (0.01-0.99)
Measurement presetsPoint x5, Line x1, Area x6
Digital camera2MP
Digital zoom2x, 4x
Image ModelThermal, visible, blending, PiP
WiFi download photo
ROI (eliminates interference)
Atuo tracking for Lo/Hi temperature
Storage16G Mcro SD Card
PC softwareAnalysis, Realtime display
Communication interfaceType-C
Product net size260mmx97mmx99mm
Product net weight630g
Standard accessoriesMicro SD card, Type-C USB cable, manual, Li-ion battery pack
Standard individual packingKit Box

Advantages of thermal imager detection:
1. Intuitive, efficient and convenient, making users directly “see” the temperature variation.
2. Thermal condition of different locations for comprehensive analysis, providing more information for judgement.
3. Avoiding judgement errors, reducing labor cost, and discovering poor heat dissipation and hidden trouble points.
4. PC Software for data analysis and report output

Thermal Imaging Cameras can be used widely in many applications:

Industrial Thermal Imaging Camera Applications from iSecus


UTI320E Thermal Imaging Camera Datasheet
UTI320E Industrial Thermal Imager Camera User Manual.pdf(7.2MB)
Industrial Thermal Imager Camera Application(1.3MB)
UTI320E Thermal Imaging Thermometer PC Software (43.8MB)

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